The new micro-SLA: A microscopic leap in additive manufacturing

The new LUXBEAM® Rapid System LRS-µSLA meets the ultra-fine resolution needs for AM applications, such as biomedical and MEMS.

Having made several substantial technological leaps in 20 innovative years of business, Visitech now rolls out its photohead for ultra-fine resolution applications. Their all-new µSLA (micro-SLA) takes a huge, albeit microscopic, leap for the additive manufacturing industry.

With their LUXBEAM® Lithography System (LLS) and LUXBEAM® Rapid System (LRS), the subsystem innovator has delivered photohead hardware and software solutions that optimize power, throughput, and reliability for customers in the PCB, semiconductor, and additive manufacturing industries.

Solid heritage

New leading-edge biomedical, Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS), and other additive manufacturing applications for the electronics and semiconductor industry require ultra-fine resolution and high capacity production solutions for 3D printed parts. By applying decades of know-how from their LLS photoheads, Visitech has invented the new µSLA product line for additive manufacturing – ready to meet this need. A single µSLA system can be composed of multiple stacked photoheads, aligned at meticulous precisions, using a combination of world-class software, optics, and mechanics, all working together.

Since its initial release in 2011, the LLS family of photoheads has accumulated millions of operating hours worldwide, manufacturing PCB cards and other products for the electronics industry in rigorous production environments that demand 24/7 operation. Known for their proven reliability, Visitech has similarly equipped theµSLA to withstand the test of time in industrial applications.

Multiple benefits

Besides the exceptional resolution of 5 microns native pixel pitch, advantages carried over from the LLS-family of products include multiple wavelengths (365-405nm, calibratable), Visitech’s sub-pixelation technology, as well as the LAMA PRO software package (LUXBEAM® Additive Manufacturing Application).

The µSLA joins Visitech’s innovative LRS line-up, accompanying their traditional static and scrolling UV and IR light engines.

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