With the new LRS-MCx-WX-NIR photohead, VISITECH transfer the well known DLP technology into the field of polymer-based Powder Bed Fusion. Comprising the new DLP650LNIR high power near-Infrared DMD chip, over 100 Watts of optical power are imaged into the powder bed layer in a single 2D shot. The photohead can be configured in both scrolling and static implementations, improving build speed drastically over the conventional laser-based systems, where the voxels in a layer are exposed sequentially only.

The narrow footprint of the photohead enables stacked multihead configuration with pixel pitch as small as 75 micron, in conjunction with VISITECH’s LRS-MCx Preference Motion stage and the LUXBEAM® Additive Manufacturing Application, Visitech offers a true Ready-to-print subsystems designated to scalable and real high volumee Additive Manaufacturing.

LRS IR Product Image
The new Visitech Infrared Light Engine – fully stackable