The new LUXBEAM® RAPID SYSTEM – LRS-MCx Motion Stage

One path to scalable and true large volume additive manufacturing is to combine multiple photo head on a scrolling motion system. VISITECH is supporting and facilitating this configuration option with the versatile LRS-MCx Reference motion stage. It allows to install up 4 LRS-MCx photo heads in a linear motion system and control and synchronize it with VISITECH’s dedicated LUXBEAM® Additive Manufacturing Application software (LAMA). The configuration can be installed both bottom-up and top-down and takes in photo heads for UV-Stereolithography or NIR Powder Bed Fusion.

Depending on the selected projection, a pixel pitch of 50 micron up to 187 micron can be realized, generating impressive build sizes of up to 400×800 millimeters with up to 100 million pixels can be configured. The LAMA software controls the synchronization of motion with image content and data input.

Reference Stage overview
LRS-MCx Motion Stage