The new LUXBEAM® RAPID SYSTEM – LRS-MCx, for linear motion systems applications in 3D printing and AM!

The LRS-MCx is a stackable, configurable system designed explicitly for scrolling multi-head implementations in 3D print systems. A typical implementation comprises a minimum of two projection modules on a linear stage system.

Standard configurations include LEDBEAM™ UV LED light source, and multi-LED light sources are possible.

Offering the same performance as the LRS-HD light engines, the LUXBEAM® Rapid System LRS-MCx offers stackability of modules for stitched images down to 50 micron pixel pitch in image. This allows for the highest manufacturing throughput with single-pass linear motion systems.

Special alignment features grant pixel-precise module alignment and features the same robust and reliable high-resolution DLP9500/DLP9500 UV chipset.

The water-cooled modules offer a long lifetime and ultimate performance.