The new LUXBEAM® RAPID SYSTEM (LRS) – for 4K applications in rapid manufacturing!

The LUXBEAM® Rapid System LRS-4KA is an extremely high-resolution DLP®-based stereolithography subsystem – designed for additive manufacturing of the highest resolution parts. The LRS-4KA supports varying build area size by lens selection and high building speed, thanks to dedicated UV optics and high-power UV LEDs.

The LRS-4KA system projects UHD-4k images using an optical actuator. It is specifically designed for static implementations in additive manufacturing systems. It also provides a mode for the display of WQXGA native resolution.

In combination with the actuator supporting the high-resolution DLP660 chip, the light engine offers a long lifetime and competitive costs.

The LRS-4KA Light Engine is an advanced and extremely competitive plug-and-play system/module that enables customers to design, build, and brand a Rapid Manufacturing machine with a very short time-to-market, and at very low technical risk. Visitech offers remote and on-site support for system integration.

The system is configurable with different high-power UV LED options, as well as a selection of dedicated UV projection lenses. Further, a selection of already designed imaging lenses at different magnifications is optionally available upon request.