High volume micro 3D print subsystem

The LUXBEAM® Rapid System LRS-µSLA is specifically designed for high throughput implementations in 3D printing and additive manufacturing systems, with static or scrolling configurations using two or more projectors.

Recommended use

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Superior resolution modules,
perfect for high precision micro 3D printing

A subsystem with valuable benefits

The LUXBEAM® LRS-μSLA System is for incorporation into direct imaging additive manufacturing machines. For micro 3D printed mechanical components, lab-on-a-chip systems, and others, the subsystem essentially provides a wide range of valuable benefits that maximize throughput without compromising accuracy, line/width tolerances, cost of ownership, or manufacturing flexibility. Tailor-made to master the highest reproducibility of precision, maximum resolution, and perfect surface finish on a micron scale, the LRS-μSLA is the ultimate subsystem.

Maximizing flexibility and reducing cost

The manufacturing cost of micro 3D printed components de- creases substantially when scaling up the building field and batch size. At the same time, the printed components’ precision scales with the pixel pitch of the manufacturing equipment. Traditional systems have image size limits, where the build area measures in square millimeters. However, the build area can scale up by configuring the light engine in an x-y motion system. The larger build area size yields a far more economically feasible batch size while keeping manufacturing flexibility options intact – with no compromise in precision and accuracy. In addition, Visitech’s subsystem enables real-time warping and positioning of the artwork. The subsystem’s software and hardware combination compose a powerful yet reliable system that maximizes yield.

Micro 3D print

Critical parameters such as stitching, edge roughness, and Critical Dimension uniformity over the building field are handled on the nanometer scale. In addition, the LAMA PRO software package enables integration with a motion system (x-y and z), multiple light engines, and control of advanced features such as sub-pixelation, edge blending, data streaming, and others.

Throughput and speed

High power, speed, and throughput with industry-proven reliability are what machine builders can expect from the LRS-μSLA subsystem, which provides state-of-the-art specifications for micro 3D print fabrication.

Multi-LED light source

For unprecedented power output or sophisticated multispectral process options, the light engines are equipped with multiple high-power LEDs, offering configurations with selected LEDs – just as needed for the materials or the process. As a result, swapping between multiple and configurable wavelength sources is easy.