The LLS 10 is designed for 10 – 12 um line within IPC requirements for 10% edge roughness and 10% line thickness variation. Print results shows that LLS sub-pixelation and data processing gives excellent results, creating a very competitive lithography system for line requirements down to 10 um.

Above is a picture of a 10 um line donut, showing all angles and hereby presenting all results from pre-processing and realtime processing during printing.

«Printing with such tiny lines and tough requirements for accuracy is challenging. We see that the LLS10 will perform as designed. Installed in the proper machine base with the right motion accuracy (with or without motion correction) the LLS 10 will print nicely according to specifications. This opens up yet another market segment for our LLS and trigger us to go even further down in line thickness and resolution in our future roadmap», says Director Business Development Oyvind Tafjord.