Creating images - together

LUXBEAM® Rapid System LRS-HD

he LUXBEAM® Rapid System LRS-HD is a DLP® based stereolithography sub-system, specifically designed for single head scrolling motion 3D Printing and additive manufacturing systems. With the robust and reliable high resolution DLP9500 chip, the LRS-HD variants (UV/HY/VIS) offers long lifetime and low maintenance costs at superior performance in wavelengths from 365 up to 460 nm.

Scalable build area with scrolling

The LRS-UV/HY/VIS uses the advantage of a scrolling motion projector to create a scalable build area and offer smart functions such as Sub-Pixelation (SPX) for resolution enhancement, and Pixel Power Control (PPC) for power uniformity to enable production of high resolution parts with superior building speed. The system comprises of an UV-optimized optical system and a selection of different LEDBEAMTM UV LED light sources, with lens options for pixels size in image, ranging from 2,7 micron up to 187 micron pixel pitch.