The LUXBEAM Lithography System in the new and upgraded RLT version, the LLS – RLT continues to increase UV power. Our broad range, multi UV LED, light source continues to improve UV power output, stretching well above 4W of UV power onto the chemistry in the image. The light source provide UV power from 350 nm up to 440 nm.

The digital, smart and individual LED control enables the ability to tailor make the UV spectrum to a best fit to the chemistry. Liquid cooling on both LED and LED drivers make a super compact but still very favourable living environment for the LED, securing a long lifetime.

«The LUXBEAM Lithograpy System continues to increase power output. This is  a result of long term, still ongoing, creative and professional R&D effort from our engineering team. For our customers the UV power is directly linked to throughput of the Lithography machines and hereby important for the machine owners cash flow and ROI for the machines», says Director Business Development Oyvind Tafjord.