During our continuous improvement and updates on SW/FW, Visitech is now adding improved and new functionality to our LUXBEAM product portfolio.

The Latest revision of FW on our LUXBEAM 4700 DLP driver board, which is the heart of the LUXBEAM Lithography Photo heads has now an upgraded data load speed. The LUXBEAM 4700 now receives up to the impressive 200 Gbit/s in lossless compressed mode. This ensures minimum data transfer time / idle time in various applications where this board is utilised.

In the LUXBEAM Lithography System – the LLS, the upload of new Gerber content to the photo head is only done once per printing job (not once per panel). Still this loading time is important to minimize for maximum throughput and flexibility.

«200 Gbit/s is a huge data rate! Our data load concept utilizing 10 Gbit/s HW, RLE encoding and our FPGA concept proves itself to meet our expectations and specifications.» says FPGA Specialist John Daae.