Visitech’s new LRS-WQX light engine

Visitech’s new LRS-WQX light engine

As a leading supplier of high-performance UV light engines for industrial applications, Visitech is taking steps to improve and expand the line of high resolution, high power light engines assigned for Near-UV and VIS applications in 3D Print, medical and life science.

Visitech’s LRS-WQ light engine, comprising TI’s DLP9000 chipset with its 4 million pixels (WQXGA 2560x1600 pixels) is a very successful product such as for static 3D print applications. To further enhance product performance, Visitech decided to develop and integrate the advanced LUXBEAM 9500 formatter board.

Alfred Jacobsen, Managing Director at Visitech Engineering GmbH: «This will significantly enhance user experience and further improve communication integrity in demanding production environments. In addition, functionalities of Visitech’s LEDBeam LED driver will be much better integrated. The LUXBEAM 9500 Formatter board gives you the flexibility of individual pixel control as known from the former Discovery platforms.»

Productivity systems in 3D print additive manufacturing demand for accelerated process times and larger build areas as well as superior control of uniformity and pixel addressability / resolution. Visitech’s new LUXBEAM the 9500 formatter board is designed for implementations of TI’s brand-new DLP9000X (WQXGA 2560x1600 pixel) chipset into Visitech’s high resolution high speed scrolling applications in direct imaging PCB lithography.

Integration of this new formatter board into the newly developed LRS-WQX light engine will deliver the same functionalities, such as high UV power, single pixel control and scrolling operation at superior frame rates as well as 10GBit Ethernet interfacing and synchronization options.

The LUXBEAM LRS-WQX is dedicated to applications in 3D Print rapid manufacturing implementations, leveraging productivity, build area, high resolution and process cycle times to an unprecedented level.

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