Distribution agreement with KeyNote Photonics

Distribution agreement with KeyNote Photonics

Visitech is happy to announce the new distribution cooperation between KeyNote Photonics and Visitech, signed on 15. june 2017. Both companies are a part for the well-established DLP design house network and have extensive experience with DLP designs since the mid 1990’s. The companies will have mutual benefits due to geographical and cultural position. Further, our companies' product portfolio have little overlap, i.e. both companies now can offer a larger selection of professional DLP based products in their respective geographical markets.

Technical support training is done this summer. That means we are ready to start operations according to the agreement immediately.

We are enthusiastic to offer a broader product range in both geographical areas, foreseeing a positive effect in sales and business growth for both parties.

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VISITECH® is a dedicated DLP product company. We take pride in our products and results that we have created together with our customers within industrial applications.

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Through Plan Norge, Visitech support 10 children in 6 countries. Plan Norge is a subsiduary of Plan International.

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