LRS-WQX Light Engine configurations

The LUXBEAM® LRS-WQX product line provides robust light engine configurations for advanced high speed industrial implementations, comprising the very high resolution DLP9000X WQXGA (2560x1600p) DMD micro displays and its high-speed streaming controller, and comprising the same highly efficient optical core as the other Visitech platforms.

Based on Visitech’s advanced performance LB9500 formatter board configuration and spectrally optimized light engines (either for visible or for UV), binary patterns can be displayed at exceptionally high frame rates (up to 15.000 Hz) for a multitude of industrial implementations.

Application areas: high-end industrial and scientific implementations with demands for high optical power output (UV or VIS), superior resolution, superior frame rates, single pixel control such as

  • 3D Print/Additive Manufacturing
  • CtP and lithographic printing
  • Inline inspection
  • Life Science and biotechnology
  • Structured illumination including advanced implementations with scrolling, subpixelation (SPX) and pixel power control (PPC).



Product Part number Description
LUXBEAM® LRS-WQX-VIS 7000260-VIS Integrated light engine unit for visible applications, with 0,9” DLP9000X (visible) DMD (2560x1600p, 7,54 micron pixel pitch). LED options:

–          RED (613 nm)

–          GREEN (525 nm)

–          BLUE (460 nm)

LUXBEAM® LRS-WQX-HY 7000260-HY Integrated light engine unit for hybrid and N-UV applications, with 0,9” DLP9000X DMD (2560x1600p, 7,54 micron pixel pitch) and UV optical system. LED options:

–          405 nm (best performance)

–          395 nm and 385 nm (commodity option for cost/performance, DMD operation outside spec)


Configuration/customization options:

  • Various LED options
  • Various reference lens options
  • Customization: Housing and mounting options
  • Customization: other light source options