Visitech’s product line featuring the DLP9000X WQXGA performance chipset, combines the stunning more than 4 Million pixels of the WQXGA DMD chip with the superior performance parameters of the latest DLP chipset featuring.


  • 2560 x 1600 pixels micromirror array with 0,9” diagonal
  • 7,54 µm micromirror pitch
  • +/- 12° micromirror tilt angle
  • designed for use with 400-700 nm
  • maximum pattern rates of 15.000 Hz (binary)
  • up to 61 GBits/sec with continuous Streaming Input Data.


These parameters enable superior resolution and superior performance spatial light modulation platforms. It supports a wide range of high-end industrial, medical and scientific applications, for example Direct Imaging Lithography, Laser Marking, 3D Printers and Machine Vision and QC implementations, Opthalmology Devices, Hyperspectral Imaging and Scanning, etc.

The formatter platforms enable superior resolution system implementations for visible or deep-blue applications with highest level of individual micromirror control including random row addressing.

LB9000 Chipset