LB9000 DLP electronics

The versatile LUXBEAM® 9000 DLP electronics utilizes the high performance DLP9000 chip sets and enables high resolution applications in industrial and scientific applications.
For easy integration, the LUXBEAM LB9000 comes with the DMD mounted on a separate DMD board and connected with a flex cable. The board size is compact and fits a footprint of 175 x 125 mm. The LUXBEAM LB9000 is a suitable solution for a wide range of high resolution, high bandwidth industrial and emerging applications.

The LUXBEAM LB9000 provides configurable input/output trigger for synchronization with peripheral devices. It enables displaying of videos and images up to WQXGA resolution (2560×1600 pixels) at up to 9.500 Hz binary pattern or up to 247 Hz 8-bit grayscale pattern. Command sets for communication with Visitech’s advanced LED driver are also available.

Application areas: any industrial and scientific application requiring superior resolution and image/video capabilities.



Product Part number Description
LUXBEAM® LB9000-VIS XXXXXXX-VIS Main controller board with remote DMD board with flexcable connection and 0,9” DLP9000 DMD (2560x1600p, 7,54 micron pixel pitch)