LC4500 Industrial Projectors

The Flexlight LC4500 projector line provides very compact and cost efficient light engine configurations for industrial implementations, comprising the high resolution DLP4500 WXGA DMD micro displays and using highly efficient and spectrally optimized optical cores for related application, including RGB, monochrome blue and N-UV configurations.

Based on the LC4500 controller board configuration, it is also supporting an optional BeagleBone Green development platform with on-board MSP430 micro-controller.



Performance-level industrial applications with medium power throughput, medium resolution and frame-rate requirements such as:

  • structured lighting
  • in-line inspection
  • medical and life science
  • mass spectrometry
  • display applications



Product Part number Description
LC4500 RGB P5 Industrial Projector LC4500-RGB-P5 The LC4500-RGB optical engine provides a full color, high resolution (912×1140) and high brightness projector (200 lumens standard with >350 lumens possible in “full-white” mode”).  This projector has excellent uniformity and optional short focus capability.
LC4500 RGB P5S    Short-Throw Projector LC4500-RGB P5/ST The P5/ST version of the LC4500-RGB optical engine offers a 1.2:1 short throw lens to users needing to create a large image within a short working distance.
LC4500 UV 405 nm Industrial Projector





The LC4500-UV industrial projector provides a single color, high resolution projector for your 3D printing, in-line inspection or other industrial applications. On-axis optics (TR 1,6:1) provide uniform performance across the entire image.

The LC4500-UV/B optical engine uses a high power single-color LED to illuminate TI’s .45” WXGA DMD.

Other LED options:

– 460 nm (BLUE)

– 525 nm (GREEN)

– 613 nm (RED)

Pattern Expansion Module (PEM) KN-LC45-pem2 Pattern Expansion Module (PEM) option with BeagleBone development platform based on a AM335x ARM® Cortex A8 processor attached custom Beaglebone-Green daughtercard with pre-installed PEM firmware.


Configuration/customization options:

  • Various LED options
  • Customization: Lens options
  • Customization: Housing and mounting options
  • Customization: other light source options