LC3000 Industrial Projectors

The FlexLight™ LC3000 family offers a range of production-ready, industrial DLP pico-projectors based on the TI LightCrafter for compact or portable inspection and other industrial solutions.


Entrance-level industrial applications with medium power throughput, medium resolution and frame-rate requirements such as:

  • structured lighting
  • in-line inspection
  • medical and life science
  • mass spectrometry
  • display applications



Product Part number Description
LC3000-ST 50 Lumen Industrial DLP Pico Projector LC3000-ST The LC3000-ST is a new class of industrial projector chassis (electronics, optics, fan, no cover) designed specifically for applications which benefit from a small, bright and rugged solid state lighting source.

The LC3000-ST is software compatible with Texas Instruments DLP® LightCrafter EKT while providing an enhanced thermal solution for up to 50 lumens. It also provides a focus lock and base plate compatible with a standard tripod mount.


Configuration/customization options:

  • Enclosure
  • Customization: Lens options
  • Customization: Housing and mounting options
  • Customization: other light source options