LC3000 Controller

The FlexLight LC4500 EKT controller is a production-ready version of the Texas Instruments LightCrafter™ 4500, with full-featured implementation of the TI DLP4500 chipset, supporting an optional BeagleBone Black, on-board MSP430 micro-controller and a flex-cable DMD interface.


Entrance-level industrial applications with medium resolution and frame-rate requirements such as

  • structured lighting
  • in-line inspection
  • medical and life science
  • mass spectrometry
  • display applications



Product Part number Description
LC3000 DLP LightCrafter + Electronics LC3000-EKT/DMD The LC3000-EKT provides users with the same great functionality of the Texas Instruments DLP® LightCrafter Evaluation Module with added features and direct access to our DLP experts and application staff.


Configuration/customization options:

  • 2 amps or 5 amps 3-channel LED driver
  • DMD Flex-cable extension
  • LED Flex-cable extension
  • Remote power on/off connector