Rapid Manufacturing

DLP® technology allows for high resolution, large build area and high throughput rapid manufacturing systems. Visitech’s LUXBEAM light engines are particularly suited for rapid manufacturing applications like dental and hearing aids. These markets require volume manufacturing of individually adapted parts, e.g. teeth.
The DLP technology and the UV LED light sources is a unique combination of long life components that enables low product life time cost. Compared to existing laser systems and exposure systems with arc lamps, Visitech’s solutions requires low maintenance. VISITECH’s LUXBEAM light engine platform is prepared for UV rapid manufacturing applications:  
  • High resolution DMD display, up to 2560 x 1600 pixels
  • High power, long life LED light sources from 365 nm to 410 nm wavelength UV optimized optics
  • High speed image loading (Gbit) and frame buffering
  • High speed scrolling sequences enables high resolution images to be displayed as the unit moves across the large build area
  • High UV power, fast frame rate (up to 20 Kfps at full HD), high accuracy optics and sophisticated FW will enablehigh speed and very accurate printing