Creating images - together

Manufacturing of high resolution parts

The LUXBEAM® Rapid System (LRS) projection modules are DLP® based sub-systems designed for professional stereo lithography 3D print systems. They are optimized for implementations in additive manufacturing systems for production of high resolution parts.

The LRS can be configured in 2 ways:

Static Projection Systems

Static Projection Systems are typically implemented in rapid prototyping machines and professional desktop printers. The three products series LRS-WQ, LRS-4KA and LRS-WQm serve needs for different optical power output and different resolution.

A wide selection of lenses with different magnification and a variety of different LED wavelengths offer a multitude of system configurations, ranging from micro stereolithography up to A4-sized build areas.

Dynamic Projection Systems

Dynamic Projection Systems, such as Visitech’s LRS-HD or LRS-MCx series can be combined and synchronized with precise x or x-y scrolling motion systems. This allows to scale up total build area while maintaining the high resolution of the projector’s native images and high power output.

A wide selection of imaging lenses allows for single and multi-head configurations from microlithography to large-scale build sizes.