Creating images – together

Visitech is an official DLP design house and has been working along-side Texas Instruments with DLP technology since 1995.

Sophisticated UV Optics

Visitech designs advanced UV optics from illumination optics all the way through projection lenses. Our UV optics is designed dedicated to lithography applications, direct imaging and rapid manufacturing.

DLP Electronics and Software

The LUXBEAM DLP electronics series is the hearth of our product portfolio.

High UV Power

The need for high UV power in lithography applications requires sophisticated liquid cooled UV light source systems.

Optimized Custom Design

The challenging design requirements in lithography applications requires custom made manufacturing equipment and dedicated system testing.

LUXBEAM Lithography System

The LLS, a direct imaging lithography system, supports requirements in solder mask, inner/outer layer as well as fine line printing in advanced packaging.

Products & Solutions

Visitech is an official DLP design house that delivers state of the art products and solutions for applications such as Direct Imaging, 3D Metrology and Rapid Manufacturing.

Lithography System

The LUXBEAM LITHOGRAPHY SYSTEM (LLS)* is a DLP based lithography system designed for direct imaging.

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Rapid System

The LUXBEAM RAPID SYSTEM is a DLP based stereo lithography sub-system designed for additive manufacturing of high resolution parts.

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DLP Platforms

The heart of the DLP projection system is the DMD device itself and the surrounding electronics.

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Introducing new products

Continued success with LUXBEAM Rapid System – LRS

Already first week of 2018, Visitech Engineering received a large frame order. The LUXBEAM LRS WQ with 2560 X 1600 pixels is proving itself to meet market requirements for high-end rapid manufacturing machines. The LRS product family continues to grow as we will...

Launching photo head for advanced packaging – LLS 04

Visitech is proud to present the LLS 04 on the Productronica in Munchen now in November 2017. The LUXBEAM Lithography system, a sub system for Direct Imaging machine builders, is already used in solder mask and inner / outer layer applications wirh line / space down...

Visitech introducing new DLP9000X platforms

The strong and growing interest of customers in Visitech’s high-end LUXBEAM light engine and formatter platforms and the availability of Texas Instruments’ new and powerful DLP9000X WQXGA DMD enables Visitech to expand the product line by another top-notch platform...